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Superior Spirit Wear

GEIST (pronounced guy • st) is a German word for spirit. Being a fan is all about giving your team the spirit and energy to win. 

GEISTWEAR is a brand by students and for students. Join us on our mission to modernize the collegiate apparel industry!

With USC favorites.
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Happy Fans

I've been shopping for [apparel] with Geistwear for awhile and the quality is impeccable. I think for the price, it's completely worth it and all of my items are super soft and comfortable.

Alexandra F. | USC

Geistwear is creating the best USC merch online right now! Great clothes + amazing designs that create stories = Geistwear. Excited to see the future for Geistwear and won't be surprised when they are a collegiate apparel household name.

Collin S. | USC

I bought sweatpants and they’re definitely my fave. Super comfy if you’re just chilling around the house, can also wear them around campus or wherever. The design is also fire, love this brand.

Holly G. | USC

Got a shirt and couldn’t be happier!! Ordering USC merch online has always been a struggle since the pictures often don’t match the real thing. The quality and fit were perfect.

Keri P. | USC

Geistwear is the place to go for high quality USC merch. This sweatshirt is perfect for keeping me warm and cozy in the LA 'winter' weather! Highly recommend for anyone looking for unique USC apparel that can't be found at the bookstore.

Jenny B. | USC

I'm so stoked about my sweatsuit! It's so comfortable and fits perfectly. I'm so proud to wear this amazing design and I will definitely be sharing with my friends and networks!

Bobby R. | USC

The Trojanworld hoodie is definitely my go to hoodie now. It fits amazingly and the quality is great as well!

Mustafa L. | USC

I just received my sweatshirt and it’s absolutely perfect! Super soft and great quality.

Krista M. | USC

Love my Knightworld t-shirt! It’s perfect! Exactly what I was expecting. My new favorite shirt!

Tiffani W. | UCF