How Should I Dress for College in 2022?

Are you looking to turn heads on campus in the fall? College is a great place to test out your fashion and try new things, but it's also hard to know exactly what to bring when you're first moving out.

When you're planning how to dress for college, follow these guidelines so you stay prepared and in style. 


One of the best tips to follow when planning how you want to dress for college is to stick to a budget. It's easy to go overboard trying to buy things for every occasion and style, but as a college student, you may not have the spending money to get everything. 

Plan ahead before shopping so you know how much you can spend and what you absolutely need. If you're looking for a winter coat and a few pairs of comfortable shoes, that can add up quickly. Get what you need first before looking at things for style's sake.


Simplicity doesn't mean you have to water down your fashion sense to dress for college. With simplicity, you want to make sure you have the basics. A few good pairs of pants, shirts, some jackets, and something for more fancy occasions.

Packing for college can be hard when you want to look good walking around campus. And if you like fashion, you may have too many favorite outfits to choose from. Pick some of your essentials first so that you always have your bases covered before packing more distinct items. 

Comfort First

College style could be anything from retro 90s to preppy ivy league looks. All of the options you have to express your style are great, but if you're sitting in a classroom for four hours, you also want to be comfortable. 

That doesn't mean you have to wear sweats all the time. But when planning outfits, think of what you both look and feel best in and find a good balance. College is already stressful enough, your fashion doesn't have to add to that.  

Style for the Season

With a college wardrobe, you want to dress well but also dress smart. Are you going to college where it's warm all the time? Or are you going to be trudging through the snow to get to class in the morning?

Dressing for the weather doesn't have to hinder your style, but it should impact how you dress so that you're comfortable in and out of class. You can find plenty of college-appropriate items that also will keep you warm throughout the fall and winter quarters or semester.  


When you're planning on dressing up for a class or a party you may realize you hadn't planned ahead with accessories. Packing for college makes it easy to forget about jewelry and hats and other items that feel nonessential but can really make an outfit.

Don't forget your favorite accessories to add some variety to your college wardrobe.

Dress for College Like a Pro

College is a time to explore and grow. You're learning new things every day and meeting all kinds of new people. When you dress for college you should make practical choices, but also explore your fashion choices and learn what works best for you and your body.

Find some new style ideas and get ready to rock some great looks this next year!

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