Sustainable Fashion for College Students

For decades, the fashion industry has been a topic of controversy due to its negative impact on the environment and factory workers. We know you want to do your part to contribute to a more eco-friendly future, but confusing terms and clever marketing make it difficult to know what you’re supporting. The truth is often hidden behind cheap price tags and trendy designs that social media influencers sport in their latest Instagram photos. Many fashion brands use customers’ ignorance to their advantage, pushing out low-quality garments that are fated to deteriorate after only a few uses.

Despite the fact that this industry must adapt to ever-changing trends, its lack of progress towards improved production methods is alarming. Our need for instant gratification has caused a rift in the way clothing brands operate, sacrificing quality and ethical practices for the sake of making more money at a faster rate. Instead of following the trend, Geistwear is setting the standard for sustainable college fashion.

It’s easy to believe that a single person’s actions have little positive effect; however, the accumulation of minor sartorial tweaks are guaranteed to do wonders. Our team at Geistwear is committed to cultivating an educated community composed of young adults who refuse to be fooled. Instead of gatekeeping this wealth of information, we’re sharing it with you, so you can shop and don your favorite outfits guilt-free. Together, we can make sustainable fashion the trend that never fades. 

The Benefits of Hemp Clothing

What kind of brand would we be if we didn’t practice what we preach? We’re looking to cancel unsustainable practices in the industry, which is why we’ve created a collection of hemp-made apparel to represent our mission. We’ve devoted an entire line of hemp clothing after discovering the abundance of benefits this crop yields. Unlike traditional cotton, which is known as the thirstiest crop and requires excessive amounts of water to produce a single garment, hemp only needs about half. This is ideal for brands like us, who are constantly looking for ways to implement more environmentally friendly practices into their production process. 

Hemp is also gentle on your skin, unlike cotton, which is notorious for causing skin irritation. At the risk of sounding like your biology professor, the skin is the body’s largest organ, and it deserves the best protection. Some cotton clothing possesses harmful pesticide residues that can enter your body through the skin. Hemp clothing is remarkably soft and improves with each wear so you can get the most use out of them. 

Similarly, the durability of hemp fabric is unmatched, so you won’t have to worry about our hemp t-shirts fading or stretching, regardless of how often you wear them (which we guarantee will be a lot). Hemp is also non-synthetic, meaning the fabric does not contain or shed microplastics, which can carry contaminants, such as trace metals and harmful chemicals.

At Geistwear, we’re all about amplifying voices, including the voices of garment workers, who are frequently exposed to pesticides and other toxic substances during textile production. The absence of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical fertilizers in hemp growth earns this method an admirable reputation, as it benefits garment workers who would otherwise be exposed to such toxins.

Sustainable fashion brands, including us, have begun using organic cotton for their designs, which presents a wide range of benefits. For example, it mitigates allergic reactions due to the long fibers, supplying a supple feel unlike any other. Like hemp, organic cotton requires less water, and no toxic chemicals are involved in the production process, supporting the planet and garment workers.

We’re committed to giving you the same trendy apparel via ethical methods. So don’t worry - you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to practice sustainability, and our hemp collection has the receipts to prove it. The clothing in this collection maintains our tasteful signature designs you’ve come to love; we’ve simply elevated the quality, so you can expect to find any excuse to wear these tees, including gamedays, nights out, or days in.

When you shop with Geistwear, you can rest assured that you are making smart choices that benefit all parties involved - garment workers, the planet and its creatures, and you. In addition to our hemp line, we also carry other items that combine eco-friendly elements and artistic designs, making Geistwear your go-to for trendy college apparel you can trust. Read on to discover these must-have items to add to your wardrobe.

Shop Reusable College Eco Tote Bags

We’re rendering single-use plastic useless with this trendy tote bag that boasts school spirit and sustainability. Made from 100% certified organic cotton, this bag is perfect for holding your groceries or books on your way to class. Available in black and oyster, our tote will match any outfit and your new eco-friendly standards. You can shop for trendy and eco-friendly college reusable tote bags at Geistwear here.

Be The Change Organic Crop Top

The name says it all. Made to honor the Black Lives Matter movement, we decided to add to the merits of this crop top by making it sustainable. Featuring 100% organic cotton that is non-irritating and soft on the skin, you’ll be the mark of change when sporting this at the next event you attend or when you’re out running errands.

Comfy At Home Safety Line Organic Cotton T-Shirt

This tee promotes social distancing and sustainability. Featuring an eye-catching yellow tape design, this top is made with your comfort in mind. Even though the days of quarantine are gradually fading, protecting yourself and the environment is not. With a shirt this comfortable, we guarantee you’ll have trouble parting with it. If so, you can rely on its outstanding durability to maintain its quality.

Believe it or not, we could go on singing the praises of eco-friendly fashion, but we’ll let our items do the talking. Regardless of the occasion, we have you covered with sustainable and fashionable styles. The best part? Each time you wear these garments, you’ll be promoting a greener future, making you the trendsetter wherever you go.

 Check out Geistwear's Eco-Friendly products here.

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