Where to buy trendy college apparel?

College is that one phase in your life when you can truly experiment with your style. You can try out trendy college apparel and find out what works for you or who want to be. You could go to college in only hoodies and jeans on and still be the most stylish person on campus as long as you’re in on what’s trending. For that, you need to ask a few questions like “What brands do college students wear?”, “What are the top clothing stores for college students?”

Fortunately, we have listed some of our most loved college apparel. We have divided the clothes into three categories. Then, these categories have been further divided into different brands of clothing, so your search for a tailgate apparel is smooth and easy.

1 . College T-Shirts

USC Trojans

College t-shirts are a good way to get heads turning. You want them to be as vibrant and attractive as possible, without going overboard. Your t-shirt also tends to be your main statement piece. The USC Trojans Fight On Katakana t-shirt makes a very straightforward declaration of your attitude towards the world. You’re ready to take on the world with this shirt on. This is certainly a brand people think of when it comes to tailgate apparel.

Inspired by Japanese Streetwear, the front depicts a Trojan warrior ready for a fight in front of a building. For a streetwear shirt, this certainly evokes a certain regality. This statement piece was an exclusive fall 2020 release, but has since become an essential part of trendy college apparel.

This durable, lightweight piece is also something you can mix and match with any kind of clothing. It could be your main shirt or under shirt. The gold combined with the solid black will go with pretty much any kind of bottoms or sweatpants.

UCF Knights

With a brand-name like that, it is natural to expect clothing that would evoke the arrogance of a knight. The flaming Knight t-shirt  certainly has a glossy quality to it, despite being streetwear. The flaming head of the knight in gold against a black or white background,  combined with the masterful typography of Knights will certainly attract attention. It brings out the punk rocker inside you, and is the kind of t-shirt you would wear to a concert.

Its slightly gothic appearance is a result of Kanye West’s Yeezus. The cotton is thick and heavy but comfortable, which is perfect for an outdoor festival. You can turn this into a crop top if that suits your style.

Speaking of crop t-shirts, vintage crop tops have been in vogue for some time now. Even if you are attending a zoom class, crop tops make you look more present and aware of the outside world rather than someone who has to spend too much time in front of the screen. It’s a tight but comfortable fit that ends just before your navel.

Once you can finally leave your zoom call life behind, this is the top you would want for a tailgate apparel or a Knight’s gameday.

UW-Madison Badgers

This Wisconsin Badgers "Go Bucky" Katakana T-Shirt for UW-Madison Badgers students depicts the badger in all its glory, occupying a good portion of the front of the shirt, with a chromatic coloring. The Katakana (ゴー・バキー) text translates to "Go Bucky" and is an ode to our multi-cultural roots and Japanese streetwear fashion. It is stretchable and feels good to have on. You can make this one an undershirt or turn it into a crop top. Now this is something you just can't get at the bookstore!

Another statement t-shirt that you can wear to return to college life would be the Wisconsin Badgers Badgerworld T-Shirt. The letters "Badgerworld" are multi-colored and guaranteed to be a conversation starter. With a front like the colors of the rainbow, you can keep this shirt for many years to come as a nostalgic a reflection of your own happiness on your college years.

This one’s made of a stretchy material but it is available in multiple sizes either way. The fabric is breathable and even has odor control. It will fit snugly to your body with enough room for you to move about easily. It’s a handcrafted piece with special attention to the shoulders and neck for added structure.

COFC Cougars

This COFC Cougars Charleston Embroidered Oversized Tie-Dye T-Shirt for any Charleston Cougars students. The 60s are making a comeback and the tie-dye personalized t-shirt is taking the charge. If you show this t-shirt to your peers no matter the season, you will find instant solidarity. The vibrant color combined with the embroidery will keep it light and fun. Give your casual outfits a makeover with this oversized t-shirt. Pair it with denims and sneakers for an athletic look and save this look for the next outing!


2. College Sweaters

UW-Madison Badgers

Red will always be the color of Christmas. It’s also the color of the winter season in general. When everything is covered with white snow, it’s the red of your sweater that will stand out. That’s why, for tailgate apparel, the UW-Madison Badgers’ Christmas Sweater seems to be the ideal fit.

It has a bunch of tiny artwork on the front of Christmas trees and reindeers with Badger Christmas written in bold letters in the middle. It’s a full sleeved sweater that will suit any kind of bottom wear you combine it with. It could be quarter jean pants, hot pants or skirts. In fact, tuck it in for a more game ready look. The air jet yarn is soft double stitched at every joint. It is also the perfect gift for a sibling, cousin or friend.

COFC Cougars

COFC Cougars might not be big on their sweater collection, but the ones they do have blow a lot of Christmas sweaters out the park. When you think of Christmas, you think of warm colors. You think of the soft comfort of your home, falling snow, and a cup of warm tea while you celebrate with your family. But you also think of your friends and exchanging gifts with them. Well, a sweater like this will certainly get you and your friends in the festive mood. It’s also the kind of sweater you want to wear to campus after the new year break, as a way to prolong the festive feel.

If you’re still compelled to attend zoom calls, you can gift it to your friend. Available in black and maroon colors, it has Cougar Christmas written in bold in the front with unique knitting and artwork, and a row of reindeers at the top. It is super soft, cozy and can be part of your trendy college apparel

3. College Hoodies

USC Trojans

When you think of trendy college apparel, it doesn’t make sense to leave USC Trojans hoodies out. What was originally a limited Spring 2020 edition became so popular among college students that it’s now part of the original collection. Hoodies are meant to be soft, warm, and fits snugly without smothering you and this one just does that. In fact, the inside is even softer than the outside. The popularity of online classes these days means even if you are on another of those endless Zoom classes, you can simply slip on the hoodie and look presentable. You could be wearing your pajamas underneath and no one would know!

Fun fact: The style for this one is inspired by the Travis Scott album ASTROWORLD’s design. So, if you are into this particular genre of music and love Travis Scott, you would love the TROJANWORLD multi-color print on the front and the WISH YOU WERE A TROJAN in bold in the back. If streetwear is your style, USC Trojans hoodies are ideal for you.

UCF Knights

The USC Trojan collection has you covered, no matter the occasion; be it jogging, a zoom class, or a physical lecture. What about your evening wear though? Which one do you want to wear for a visit to your college friends on a cold evening? That’s where the UCF Knights Knightworld Hoodies collection comes in. Available in all kinds of sizes, even 5XL, this is the one you opt for when you want a hoodie to curl up in. It’s stylish and smooth with pockets you can warm up your freezing hands in.

UW-Madison Badgers

Then, we have the UW-Madison Badgers Anti covid hoodie collection. If there’s one issue that doesn’t seem to end, and that all college students can relate to, is  covid. A hoodie with Anti Covid Badger Club printed on it in bold will certainly make your feelings on the matter crystal clear. This t-shirt is sure to evoke a chuckle every time someone sees it. In fact, don’t forget to wear it for one of your zoom sessions. Even your professor is bound to appreciate this one.

This one’s handcrafted with thick and heavy cotton for durability and ease of movement. Don’t worry, it’s still extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

COFC Cougars

COFC Cougar’s I feel like sleeping hoodie is something that appeals to the general sentiment among college students. If college students world-wide have anything in common, it is that they consume too much caffeine or are  sleepy all the time. It doesn’t help that the days are spent either watching people through the screen for zoom classes or doing your never ending homework. This hoodie will certainly receive a round of applause from your friends who are in the same boat. You might be on zoom but you can at least connect with them emotionally.

Available in shades of purple, this one has a 80s and 90s gothic feel to it. In fact, sources suggest The Life of Pablo from Kanye West offered a bit of the streetwear inspiration.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when we think of trendy college apparel, we think of streetwear. No matter what the occasion, this is one style that seems to blend in. Whether you wear these for your regular classes, a college party, a game day, or an outdoor festival, streetwear seems to be the one stop solution for all.

With classes all day and with extra curricular activities, no one has time to actually work on their appearance. Branded clothes from USC Trojans, Wisconsin Badgers, and CofC Cougars and many other clothing lines like this means you don’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect outfit. A quick look through your wardrobe will reveal that there are  certain t-shirts and hoodies you can wear anywhere.

It helps that you can also buy these clothes for your fellow college students who suffer the same fate. If you never know what to give your friends for Christmas, Geistwear offers an easy fix with its wide range of merchandise.

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