‘Think’ IDA: Riding the Entrepreneurship Wave with Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan

‘Think’ IDA: Riding the Entrepreneurship Wave with Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan

Originally published in Think IDA on July 21st, 2020.

IDA is the first platform connecting female startup founders with 1-on-1 mentoring, angel investors, and business resources (www.thinkida.com). Our mission is to make entrepreneurship a more accessible path for women. Join the co-founders, Varika and Ghanika Pinnam, as they interview experts in the business world for tips and advice to help entrepreneurs Ideate. Decide. Act. on their own startup journeys.

Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan is a current college student and 3-time entrepreneur at the age of just 22. We talked about her journey and her work with her current company, Kaivent Media, and her tips for building a sales funnel, running a powerful, lead-generating webinar, and advertising.

One of Ocean's key tips towards the end of the episode is to "ride that wave" of confidence you get after a win to fuel your next moves.

Listen for her remaining actionable tips, insights, and favorite tools to use whether you are in consulting, coaching, or course-building industries or are just looking for ways to enlarge your audience and create more leads!

 IDA Website: thinkida.com
Kaivent Media: kaiventmedia.com

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