Daily Trojan: Students design game day spirit apparel

Daily Trojan: Students design game day spirit apparel

Originally published in the Daily Trojan on January 23rd, 2020.

In summer 2018, our co-founders Clarence Diogo and Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan realized that the type of USC apparel they wanted could not be found anywhere.

None of the bookstore apparel combined “hypebeast” style with a personal connection to the USC spirit, and much of the game day apparel directed toward women was overtly feminine and not inclusive of diverse body shapes.

“I have a really curvy body shape,” said Diogo, who is majoring in architecture major. “I wanted to … get to a point where I could make clothes that people like me could wear to game day.”

As for the long-term goals of the brand, Ronquillo-Morgan said she and Diogo hope to scale the company so it can continue to grow through e-commerce after they both graduate and may include USC-unaffiliated fashion.

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